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Weather & Aerial Photography

The most difficult part of aerial photography, is the frustration over the things you cannot control.  Mostly the weather.  

If I lived in the Western United States, I don't think this would be a problem. But of course, I live and work in South Mississippi. The southeastern United States typically has 70-85% humidity, and lots of haze. Many days will even be 90-95% humidity. And of course, this doesn't account for the days when it rains.

Due to weather conditions, it can be difficult to predict when I can actually fly and take good clear photos. We can plan, but you pretty much have to look at the sky to know whether it is going to be clear enough on any given day.

The photo above was taken with my iphone while I was flying yesterday. The forecast was for a few clouds at 25,000 feet, and 10 miles of visibility! So much for accurate predictions. The clouds were 2500 feet above the ground, and I think you can see the rain pouring from the sky!

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