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School is out. Flying is in!

When you are a child of a pilot or aerial photographer

You probably never thought about it, but in the summer the kids are out of school. If mine is not in a camp, he gets the 'opportunity' to fly in the airplane with me.

Today, he rode in the back seat while we went to photograph an ongoing construction site . This was his first time in the airplane when there were storms building up all around us. We took off so fast to avoid a storm heading to the airport, that we didn't have time to run back inside and grab his headset.

Of course, we didn't take any chances with his or our lives, but flying in the summer means being prepared to divert to an alternate airport in the event of weather. There was a storm over our airport when we returned, so we flew around and did a little site-seeing while it passed.

All in all, I would say he looks pretty calm. I'd say that is a future pilot in the making!

If you need aerial photography in the SouthEast region of the US, remember summer weather can be rough and give us plenty of time to wait for the best weather to complete your photography. (This client didn't want or need beautiful photos, he just needed proof of construction.)

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