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Rebuilding the Louisiana Coastline

Only seen by boat or air.....

We waited for a week and a half for the weather to be nice enough to fly the Coastline to get today's aerial photos.  In the summer, here along the Mississippi/Louisiana Gulf Coast, the summers are hot, humid and hazy.   Conditions are always ripe for a thunderstorm to pop out of nowhere.  It makes aerial photography difficult. 

This was taken by Shell Island, approximately 20 miles from Venice, Louisiana.  And about 80 miles South, Southwest of Gulfport, Mississippi.  Somehow we got lucky today, because the sky was clear of haze. 

All that you see here was once pasture land. Today, it is mostly shallow wetlands. The Federal Government is investing billions of dollars to attempt to rebuild these barrier islands and restore the fragile area which is so vital to marine fisheries, wild aviaries and other wildlife.

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