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On a personal note:

A little bragging about a film we made with our Cub Scouts....

I know this doesn't have anything to do with aerial photography, but a mom does have bragging rights on their kids activities, right?  Well, I am the Webelos Leader for Nativity Elementary Pack 213 Webelos, and we decided to make a film.  (There is a movie-making pin they can earn.)  

My daughter and her husband, Angela and Mikael Tyrsen own a film production company in Los Angeles - NuContext Creative.  So Angela and Mikael decided to help the boys make a short movie -- showing them audio/filming techniques/use of props, etc...

Mikael also happens to be a whiz at all things creative, so he was responsible for the drone shots, and all the special effects.  (He was at one time the Swedish national gaming champion.)  

Anyway, this short 5-minute movie is the joint efforts of all of them.  My main job was wrangling kids, and managing parents.  Wish I could claim more credit than that.  

But I guarantee that if you watch it, you will leave with a big smile on your face.  It has a surprise twist at the end, and several special effects.  And it highlights the City of Biloxi, where I am most fortunate to live.  

BTW:  The red-headed boy is my 9-year old son.

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