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It takes a big house...

To stand out in an aerial photo.

I get a lot of calls inquiring about an aerial photo of a persons home.  And of course, I love business, so I don't want to turn anyone away.  But sometimes, I just know that the people won't be happy with the final photos.  
This photo is a very large house.  And it looks great in the aerial shot, because there aren't too many trees planted right by the entrance.  This house is nicely landscaped, and is encircled by trees that are just far enough away so that the house shows up in the center of the shot.  
My personal home is not like this.  It was built in the middle of several large oak trees.  The trees are beautiful, but alas, all the shots I've ever taken of it just show tree tops, and a nice roofscape.  
Anyway, just something to think about when wanting photos of your home.  
It usually isn't an issue with a business, because businesses don't try to cover the front of their buildings.  They are usually exposed to the street, so that anyone driving by will know exactly what is there.  
Once I took photos of a stockyard that had several large oak trees within a few feet of their main entrance.  No matter how many angles I tried to shoot, I couldn't get a clear shot of the front entrance of their building.  They weren't thrilled, but they understood that there wasn't anything I could do about it.  
When I take a job, I also try to determine the direction that the front of the building faces.  If it faces East, I need to shoot the photos in the morning, or mid-day.  If it faces West, just the opposite.  God forbid that it face North, because we will never get any clear sunlight on it!   (But I will do the best I can -- and thank goodness for Photoshop!)
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