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Drones & Me:

Not using them yet....

Personally, I love to fly.  The feeling of being above the earth -- looking down and separating from reality just a bit --that's one of the main reasons that I started doing aerial photography 17 years ago.  That's also the reason that I tried aerial mapping -- and quit.  Aerial mapping is just plain boring -- flying grids.  Why ruin something that I love, I thought.  
So far, I've avoided drones.  I know they are handy, but it would leave me on the ground! (That would just be sad.)
Drones cannot fly higher than 200 feet above the ground, and they cannot fly within 5 miles of an airport.  So most of the work I do is outside of those perimeters anyway.  Most of my clients want shots that show good detail of the area surrounding their property.  Finally, a drone cannot capture the quality of photo that I can get with my professional (heavy) cameras, and fine lenses.
That said, looks like I will be checking into drones -- as a supplement to my work.  Got to give the people what they want!(More to follow....)
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