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Do you need a Drone photo or an Airplane Photo?

That is the question this year.....

If you need a super low photo (less than 400 feet above the ground) of a small-ish subject/structure, or low-level video, a drone or helicopter is the way to go.  Average drone pricing is about $2500/day, or $350/hour.  Average helicopter pricing is pretty similar.  Either one will be able to provide you with those close-in, very low shots.

An airplane will be able to provide you with shots like the one above.  One that shows the entire property with lots of wide details.  If you have a medium to large size property, and want the entire area in the shot, or you want to show information about the location of the property (such as nearby traffic patterns, or shopping), then you need an airplane to do this.  

The shot above was taken from 1500 feet above the ground.  That's well above any limit that will ever be allowed for drone photography (which is limited to 400 feet above the ground).  Typical airplane photos are taken from 1000 feet above the ground, to 2500 feet above the ground.  And sometimes, from as high as 10,000 feet above the ground, for exceptionally large properties. 

And airplane photography can actually cost less than drone photography.  The airplane photos are also priced based upon time in the air.  So sometimes, the airplane can get there fast, and complete the job quickly. 

Be sure to price both, and understand the difference in the types of photos.  Right now, drone photography is the 'sexy' new thing.  But each type of aerial photography has its place.  You just can't take a high photo with a drone.  And you can't take a good low photo with an airplane. 

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