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Aerial views of Mississippi Acreage

You can't get this shot using a Drone....

A national corporation wants aerial photos of their acreage.  Just so you know, this is a job for an airplane.  A drone cannot legally take a shot of a large area of land like this. 

Drones can only fly 300 fee above the ground.  We had to fly a minimum of 1500 feet above the ground to get the total land into the shot.  And we had to use a super wide lens so that we could be close enough to the ground to get the details, but far enough up so that we could encompass the entire property into the shot as well.

Drones certainly have their place.  They are exceptional at shooting low level video of small localized properties, such as residential homes.  A commercially operated drone cannot legally fly over city streets, near people, over public property or over property without permission.  

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